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Overview Of Major CIBIL Problems

CIBIL will not be a new term for some of you while most of you are not familiar with this. I as a professional Cibil consultant got too many queries regarding CIBIL Problems. After answering all the queries, I thought to make a useful blog on CIBIL Problems. Well, first we start from CIBIL as most of you are not aware of this terminology. Therefore, first we see the overview of CIBIL, and then we will discuss the CIBIL Problems and their solutions.
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited Sometimes called as a CIBIL is a credit information company in India. It keeps records of one’s credit report after collecting the records from various financial institutions and money lenders. Well, this time, you need to know most of the bank and money lenders see your credit report before approving your loan. So, it is essential to have a healthy score. Well, I have written a blog on how to keep Cibil score healthy. This blog helps you keep your credit status healthy.

Now, it’s the time to switch on CIBIL score problems.

Nowadays, many people are facing CIBIL Problems. Well, these days, I see three errors in CIBIL Report that can cause a serious CIBIL Problems. Below are the three types of errors that are seen in the CIBIL report
1. Incorrect personal details
2. Inaccurate amount overdue
3. Inaccurate current balance

1. Incorrect personal details. Sometimes errors in the CIBIL report seem like minor as a spelling error in the name or address. But in actual such error can cause a serious CIBIL Problems. Even, such an issue can damage your credit health as someone’s loan status is mentioned in your report. Therefore, it is essential to remove such minor errors which bring downs the Cibil Score.

Some of you forgot to update your new address or phone number. While some of you ignore or think a waste of time to update the basic information. If you are one, then you need to know that CIBIL gives you +1 point on updating your basic contact information.

2. Error in Credit Balance. Sometimes it is possible that CIBIL show incorrect balance. Then it is your responsibility to tell the CIBIL to correct it. TO check your balance, you need to analysis your report at least once in a year.

3. Inaccurate amount overdue. Sometimes, you are not aware of your CIBIL Report. Even, you don’t know that inaccurate amount overdue is mentioned in your report. Do you know that it can increase your CIBIL Problem as financial institutes, or money lenders can deny providing loan? So, you need to be careful about this error. And, you need to try to solve this CIBIL Problems as soon as possible.

If your report also consists any such type of error, then it is your responsibility to remove such errors from your report as soon as possible. This time, you need to understand that above errors look like a minor error. But, it has potential to cause a serious CIBIL Problem and bring down your CIBIL report.

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