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How to check Cibil score

Have you ever walked for a loan with the hope of securing a loan or having a new credit card? If you, then, you have heard about Cibil score or knows the importance of Cibil score.

Lots of time paperwork is perfect for getting a loan but still borrowers are unable to get a loan because of not having good Cibil report. Poor or bad Cibil score can squash your loan. So, it is better to check Cibil score first.

Now the question arises how to check Cibil Score?

Sometimes people search online how to check Cibil score, or they ask in their circle. If you are also finding the way of how to check Cibil score, then this blog will be helpful.

I always try to provide you exact answer that you are looking for instead of making word count more.
So, below are the some simple steps for how to check Cibil score. Just follow the procedure and find your Cibil score.

First log into Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd website, the URL of the website is www.cibil.com. Then find a tab -Know Your Score. Go to the ‘Click here’ option for the personalized credit score from Cibil. Then, you have to follow the step-by-step method mentioned below:

  • Your first step starts by filling an online form. You will have to fill up the basic details like name, Address, date of birth, phone number, income, identity proof, and also loans taken by you in the past.
  • When you have completed this, then you have to pay Rs 470 from your net banking facility, debit card or credit card. It totally depends on you which option you select for payments.
  • When you receive a confirmation for your payment, then you have to complete the authentication process by filling the details.
  •  You have no need to worry for authentication. There are few questions related to your credit history. But you have to answer three questions (minimum) out of the five.
  • If your authentication is successful, then credit score report will be e-mailed to your mail Id.
  • If your online authentication is failed, then also you can obtain your Cibil score report. Now, you will have to require the uploading of a soft copy of the application for Cibil report. It is generated online with the Cibil transaction ID. You have to carry a soft copy of your ID and address proof and upload it on https://www.cibil.com/kyc-document-upload/.
  • After verification, Cibil will send the physical copy of the Cibil score report to your address.

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